Cleaning Liquid

EE Cleaner

Promote a high quality and human friendly green procurement by eliminating the use of organic solvent that is regulated under Industrial Safety and Health Act.

This item is a dedicated hand-wipe cleaner with excellent drying properties and a good balance between low aggressiveness to materials and cleaning ability.

It is recommended as an alternative to ether, acetone, IPA, thinner, etc., which are often used for conventional hand-wiping cleaning.


-Hand-wipe cleaning of optical components

-Cleaning of monitors and panels

-Daily maintenance of optical and office automation equipment, maintenance inspection, and cleaning services.

-Cleaning of optical products in daily life such as cameras, etc.

-Hand-wipe cleaning at production sites


This is the most suitable for use in finishing cleaning of optical precision parts such as lenses, prisms, mirrors, and glass products. Many optical precision makers have adopted this EE cleaner to use widely at their production sites, repair and inspection processes for example. EE cleaner has become an industrial standard as a hand wiping cleaner liquid.


This is less erosive to plastic materials compared to EE-3310. EE cleaner is suitable for wiping acrylic and plastic parts that have a concern for surface erosion or crack when wiped with alcohol.

High-performance cleaning spray

This is an aerosol type of EE-3310 and is easy to use, and suited to use for inspection and cleaning of microscopes, optical measuring devices, OA devices, and also for maintenance of image devices such as cameras and VTRs. EE cleaner can be also used for cleaning of optical products for everyday life such as commercial cameras and glasses.


This is an excellent hand-wiping liquid with excellent drying properties that is suitable for a wide range of stains. Its high quality performance meets a variety of needs as a dedicated hand cleaner liquid for professional use, from cleaning electrical and electronic parts, metal parts, and optical parts to maintenance, inspection, and cleaning of precision equipment.

EE-6310 Spray

This aerosol type is a portable and easy-to-use version of EE-6310. It can be used to clean grease and other persistent oil stains on mechanical parts and flux on electric circuit boards. It is also convenient for maintenance and inspection of precision equipment.