Holder Correction Machine



From manual tip processing of centering holders to automatic tip processing by NC machines.

The time required to correct the tip of the centering holder is drastically reduced, and the quality of the tip finish is greatly improved.
This contributes to quality stability in the centering process.

The interactive and easy-to-use input software makes it easy to start working. The FANUC 0i-TF is used for the numerical control mechanism, which supports stable processing with easy operation by entering the prescribed items.

It is one-touch spindle replacement. The simple spindle holding mechanism supports a wide variety of spindle shapes.

High-speed, high-precision comb-blade tooling with short idle time and excellent positioning accuracy.


Example of overseas factory installation

・Seven years have passed since the installation of the system, and the number of holder flaw defects and eccentricity defects has decreased, and in one case, a year-on-year effect of a 30% reduction in terms of the amount of loss was confirmed.


Example of domestic factory installation

・Holder quality has been improved in the factory by improving the processing program. Effective use of processing program recall for small lots of various products reduces work setup time. We also have records of small-diameter holder processing of φ1.0.

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