Coolant Drainage Device

Coolant Trap

Sun-Bright Co.,LTD.

Clogging" and "breakage" of vacuum generators are drastically reduced.

The coolant trap captures and drains sludge-laden coolant.

Coolant trap installed on equipment that normally had to have the filter changed every month.
>>Maintance free for four years!

※RoHS2 compliant

Coolant is prevented from being sucked in during workpiece suction and transfer by installing it on the piping of vacuum suction equipment.
Coolant with cutting and grinding dust is captured by the case assembly (cup) and discharged out from the suction area along with the destructive air during the destructive operation.
Please use the specification with a discharge tap (bottom hole) if you do not want to discharge the sucked coolant in the same place.

※Not suitable for use with equipment that cannot be vacuum-destructive.


List of Models
CTN-091 Standard The absorbed coolant is discharged from the adsorption area at the time of destruction.
CTN-092 With discharge tap The absorbed coolant is discharged through the bottom hole of the cup.

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