Coolant Pump with Mixing Blade, Fitting, and Cord

Fuji Electric

Can be used on equipment immediately after purchase

Power connectors and pipe fittings for connection to our equipment are already installed.
The coolant pump’s contact parts are made of steel and resin, which are resistant to rust.

Coolant pump with blades for mixing polishing materials.
It can be connected to our equipment by simply plugging in the power connector and hose.
There is no need for complicated electrical wiring when replacing a broken pump.

Coolant Pump Made by Fuji Electric VKV196M
Power connector:VCTF4芯1.25sq 1.5m + Hooked rubber plug grounding 3P20A Made by Meikosha  MH2584
Piping Connectors:One-touch coupling Φ12 1口

VKV196M Standard

VKV196M-Z Short type(Special specification coolant pump with submersed area 158 mm, 30 mm shorter than the standard 188 mm)


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