Polishing Machine

Low-vibration Lapping Machine NR-2-160-Ⅳ


Improved quality of matching plates due to lower vibration during processing

This polishing machine is highly effective in reducing chattering that occurs on workpieces with severe conditions during plate matching of upper plates and lapping of pad plates.

Compact and lightweight design, but robustly built.
The compact design with casters allows the machine to be easily moved around the factory with excellent workability.

No. of shaft 2
Driving method 各軸駆動 カップリング結合
Shaft inverval 360mm
Max. tool medium φ160(plate medium size)
Main shaft No. of rotation 30~100rpm
motor 0.4kW 4P 1/30 φ3 200V 2 units
主軸端ネジ規格 W28×12山/吋(male screw)
Tool attaching screws W27×12山/吋(female screw)
振動振幅 0~90mm
Swing shaft 揺動回数 25~125/min
Motor 0.4kW 4P 1/25 φ3 200V 2 units
Kanzashi Pressurization method 錘weight
Shape φ15先端 φ7.8球 後端M8 depth10 ネジ加工
Processing time Setting method analog input
1 sec.~9,999 hours
Dimensions Approx. W793×H1,350×D600mm
Weight Approx. 300kg
Operation height Approx. 858mm(From the floor to the table)
Power source AC200V φ3 0.8kVA

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